Extra wide calf boots are larger than the normal wide shaft boots in size is. Fashion conscious people who are slightly over weight or have big calves prefer to wear these boots. In comparison to wide boots, they have more space and height in all the parts to make provision for big calves. Extra large calf boots are available in different materials as well as in different fittings. The popular variants of this category of footwear are zippered, buckled, suede, pain pull one, leather variety, and all are available in extra large size, which is termed as extra wide calf boots variants.

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Extra wide calf boots can be purchased both by online purchase as well as from regular stores. The change in fashion concept as well as rapid growth of population has created a good demand for this category of footwear and thus the suppliers are working more intensively to add more categories in this quality of footwear. The affordability and awareness has also created a large space for the wide boots category of footwear because fashion consciousness and fashion awareness has created a special demand for this extra large category of booties. They are available in brown color and this is an exclusive quality of this category.

Extra large calf boots are now available almost in all shoe stores, which are for those women who have muscular or wide type of calves. The widest perimeter of this extra wide width boots is available up to 21 inches and it can be stretched by the professional helps of a shoemaker wider for one more inch, it is a popular type of variants of extended footwear.

Wider knee high booties are available in stores but it is always wise to take a short trial on the boots before making final purchase decision. The reason behind the short trial is the high calf fittings of this type of boot, which may not go for everyone and may require alternation or change for better comfort.

Extra wide rubber boots are included in the category of wide shaft footwear and most often this kind of boots are used in adverse climate, rain water logging area etc. so they are more considered as necessity than fashion items in daily course of life. Apart from brown variety, plus size boots are available in lots of colors that not only look beautiful itself, but add beauty and sophistication in user’s profile also.